Hi I’m Sophie-Jaye. I like to call myself a “Freelance Photographer”, when really I’m just a Girl with a Nikon and a love for photography.
My passion for photography has been growing ever since I was a little girl, when I bought my first entry-level DSLR camera in 2007. 2 upgrades later, I now shoot with a Nikon D7000 with the addition of my Minolta film camera every now and again.

I love taking photos because I love capturing communication without words. We all crave for something that is everlasting, and that’s what I love to do best.

My photos are all a self-portrait, they all tell a little story about who I am or where I’ve been, or even who I want to become.

Hopefully within at least one of these images, you can connect with a idea, concept or feeling. Perhaps you can even find a little piece of yourself within a photograph here. Enjoy.

I'd also just like to mention that all of these photos are only edited to the bare minimum (if at all). None of them are in a studio or with professional lighting. I do this to showcase the real images, and the way things actually are, the true natural beauty of things. This is why most of my images are set outdoors.

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